More “Christian” Shirts

July 25, 2022 By admin 0

Got a message after hours through google messenger on the business account. The person identified as James Ward, but the account the message was sent from was Alysha Shadbolt. Complete with poor grammar. This was the first indicator that this was suspicious. After several questions, a few more red flags were raised. High quantities of shirts with a Christian message. Short time frame to accomplish, which I said that we could do if we were paid up front. Later in the conversation, this person indicated that they couldn’t pay entirely upfront, and within one message of that asked for me to charge double on their credit card so that I could pay their coordinator. As I understand how this scam works, is you run the credit card, they pickup whatever you made for them, and pay their driver. Then they refute the credit card transaction and you are out the entire amount of money.